Among Us

Working Skinchecker Among Us to unlock cosmetics for free

Among Us is a popular multiplatform and multiplayer game released on mobile and desktop devices running iOS, Android, Windows, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox. The developer and publisher is Innersloth Studios. It was released in 2018, but it peaked in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020

When creating the developers were inspired by the board game for companies “Mafia” and the movie “The Thing”, which is obvious from the gameplay. There are 4 to 15 participants in the session. Several crew members are randomly assigned to imposter roles, then hunt for others while trying not to give themselves away. As the popularity of the video game grew, a variety of content began to be widely added. To get it for free, use the skin changer.

Varieties of equipment to unlock with the skin changer

All in-game items in Among Us are purely cosmetic in nature. That is, they do not have any effect on the gameplay and do not give advantages to their owners. This kind of content was added by developers for the purpose of additional monetization, so in most cases you have to pay for it. Skinchanger will take away your need to donate, while unlocking all the items.

There are four types of skins involved in character customization:

  • headwear (hats);
  • clothing: shirts, pants, and jackets;
  • Visors are the face accessories that are attached to the spacesuits;
  • pets (pets) that move around with the heroes!

Top-of-the-line equip can cost a pretty penny, so the skinner is the best option to save money.

Download Skincher Among Us

You can download Among Us skinchanger from the site right now. The mod is very easy to integrate into the clients of the game and instantly removes the restrictions on the use of the content presented in it. The effect on the files occurs in stealth mode, so that the software does not carry any risks. If you want to make your character as original as possible, download the skin changer, take a few minutes to install it and enjoy the exclusive appearance of the hero.

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